Married At First Sight star claims couples are mismatched to make ‘great TV’

Melissa Lucarelli, who appeared in Married At First Sight Australia, has accused show producers of making mismatches on purpose, which, while entertaining for viewers is hugely ‘frustrating’ for the contestants

Married At First Sight’s Melissa Lucarelli had a doomed relationship with her ‘husband’ Dino and now claims the show’s producers mismatch couples deliberately.

The 39-year-old reality star went on the Australian version of the show, which marries couples after only knowing each other for a matter of minutes, back in 2019.

Melissa says she was looking for love, but was paired with yoga fanatic Dino Hira, who didn’t appear to be her perfect match as they had very little in common.

Speaking to Grazia magazine earlier this year she said: “Literally, everything from looks, personality, values – nothing aligned.”

Now, Melissa says she believes the show’s experts deliberately seek out unsuitable partners, which while ‘frustrating’ for the contestants – makes great TV.

Speaking to Closer magazine she said: “When I joined the show I naively thought ‘This is going to be it for me. I’m going to meet my Mr Right!’

“But then I was partnered up with a man who I had absolutely nothing in common with.

“Looking back though I can see producers want mismatches because it makes great TV.”

To echo Melissa’a claim, Married At First Sight UK seems to have similar mismatches.

During Morag Crichton and Luke Dawson’s wedding fans were shocked to find out Morag didn’t want children while her husband did, calling the decision a “deal breaker” .

Meanwhile Nikita Jasmine, who married Ant Poole on the current series of MAFUK confessed to cameras: “He’s not at all what I ordered.”

Nikita was no stranger to fame having gone on the show as successful influencer and counting Geordie Shore stars Sophie Kasei and Chloe Ferry as friends.

In response, Melissa says she hopes people are going on the show for the right reasons and not just to become famous.

“I was definitely in it for love,” she claimed. “I was manless, sexless and dateless for eight years and so I really wanted the experts to help.

After being matched by experts on the show, Melissa and Dino decided to go their separate ways before the final decision.

However despite not finding love on TV, Melissa is now a successful influencer with 190,000 followers on Instagram.

Dino, meanwhile went on to marry his “soul lover” Laurena Law in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

After splitting up with Melissa he shared a gorgeous photo on Instagram from his wedding ceremony with the happy couple wearing matching traditional outfits.

“Not modelling, not Bollywood, not MAFS… This is… FOR REAL. Meeting at an ‘astrology class’ this time the experts and match makers were the universe and stars,” Dino wrote under the picture.

“I am MARRIED not to a soul mate but my soul lover @doc_laurena (HARIKA). May 14th will always be special in my heart.”

In more MAFS drama tonight’s episode of the UK version sees the groom getting his head turned by one of the bridesmaids on his wedding day.

The final two couples get married after having just met each other as the bride walks down the aisle.

However as Doncaster lad Adam, 26 is looking for his bride, he is wowed by her bridesmaid instead.

Adam gushes: “Wow, hi nice to meet you.”

However, someone sat in the front row quickly replies: “That’s the bridesmaid Adam, false alarm.”