Bournemouth Air Festival wing walker who survived horror crash has no plans to quit

A daredevil wing walker who walked away from a horror crash with only minor injuries has vowed her experience will not put her off the sport, and said she “couldn’t wish for a better job”.

Kirsten Pobjoy, 23, suffered only minor injuries when the wing-walking plane she was on crashed in front of horrified onlookers during Bournemouth Air Festival on Saturday.

The plane plummeted into the water with the pilot Dave Barrell inside, and performer Kirsten fixed to the wing.

Both escaped with just minor injuries and now Kirsten has said she doesn’t intend to leave the daredevil job behind.

Kirsten, one of only two full-time daredevil performers in the world, told The Sun: “I honestly couldn’t wish for a better job.

“I want to do it for as long as I can because I’m still just as excited as I was the first time, I took a flight. To me, being a wing walker doesn’t feel like a job, it’s a lifestyle.”

Kirsten added that wingwalking doesn’t even feel like work to her.

She added: “I’m a huge adrenaline junkie, too. Once you’ve had your first adrenaline fix it can become quite addictive and you’re always looking for your next thrill.”

After the plane went down, Kirsten and the pilot were pulled from the water by a family on a passing dinghy.

The Government’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch has now launched an investigation into the crash, with a report expected in a “few months”.

A witness, who does not want to be named, described the heart-stopping moment the plane went down to DorsetLive.

“We were on the Studland Beach at the time, next to the chain ferry,” they said.

“We were there watching the air show, the wing walkers were approaching and were head-on towards us. There was one above the other.

“On one of the planes, the rotor wasn’t spinning. I actually said to my mate, ‘That plane is going to crash’ and that is when I started recording.”

The sea and waterfront around Poole Harbour was busy with boats and onlookers waiting to see the spectacle of the Bournemouth Air Festival. The witness noted the fast response of nearby vessels.

“Boats approached quite quickly, I’d say within less than two minutes there were emergency services.”

After ensuring noone had been seriously injured in the crash, the witness felt as though he should share the footage of the pilot’s potentially lifesaving manoeuvre.

Emily McGregor was walking her dog on the beach with her husband Chris at the time of the incident.

She said: “We both thought the planes were quite low and we didn’t think much of it because it was the air show.

“The red one on top was a bit higher and the white one below. Then we watched it getting lower and lower, from where we stood on the dog beach, it looked like is was going to crash into the hotel.

“I don’t know how it didn’t kill anyone as there were so many people hotel. There is a very small gap between a buoy and the hotel and I believe (the pilot) went through that and avoided the hotel.”