Mum jumps from first floor window to escape violent boyfriend threatening to kill her

A young mum who jumped from a first floor window when her violent boyfriend held a knife to her throat has defiantly said: “He has not broken me”.

Amy Bradbury, 28, leapt out of the window in fear for her life after Jayden Knight, also 28, grabbed her by the throat on the night of April 10 this year, after flying into a drink and cocaine-fuelled jealous rage when she shook two men’s hands goodbye at a party.

According to the Manchester Evening News, he then threw her on the stairs, causing her to bang her head, before grabbing a kitchen knife and telling her: “You’re not going to live in this f house after touching people and shaking hands.”

He then put the knife across his hand and said: “This is what I’m going to do to your throat.”

Knight then locked her in a room and took her phone and car keys away and said: “You’re not leaving this house alive”.

To play for time, she pleaded with him to let her call her children to say goodbye, to which he replied: “You don’t f deserve them.”

Knight then made her transfer £90 from her account to his. She said she needed to go to the toilet, but while upstairs she climbed through a window and jumped 8ft onto the apex of a roof, injuring her knee.

“She thought she was going to die,” said Kate Hammond, prosecuting

She told the court the couple had been in a relationship for two-and-a-half months and ‘things were fine’ for the first seven weeks.

Knight has now been jailed for three-and-a-half years for his crimes.

Minshull Street Manchester Crown Court sitting at Stockport magistrates’ court was told he had subjected at least four other girlfriends to similar abuse.

He has also been seven-year restraining order on Knight preventing him from going any where near Amy.

In a brave victim statement read out in court mother-of-two Amy said: “He has not broken me, he has made me stronger. I will not allow him to make any other women feel the way he made me feel. I’ve lived through the worst and I’ve had so many bad experiences, but I can put them all behind me now. “

As she hid in a bush near the house, Knight jumped in her car and crashed it into the central reservation of Stockport road.

Sentencing him, Recorder Douglas Jones QC said Knight’s crimes were “unedifying, most significantly making a threat to kill her, the battering of her and taking and driving away of her 2007 registered Ford Fiesta car.”

He said: “You and Ms Bradbury were in a relationship which had become toxic and you were at a friend’s house, you became needy and controlling and called her vile and demeaning names. You became extremely possessive.

“It seems that you consumed alcohol and became drunk and when she shook hands with male friends as you left at the house where you had been that evening you became uncontrollably jealous and you grabbed her in the street, by the neck.

“And when you got back to her house you locked her inside, began to make threats, grabbed her by the hair, pulled her around, and there came a point where you grabbed her by the neck.”

“And you threatened to slit her throat. You put the knife to her throat and continued to make threats to kill her.”

Defending, Paul Bryning said Knight had spent most of the period since the offences in custody.

“He suffered from bipolar disorder and when he was released from prison he found himself without a GP and his medication. He knows he is prone to having outbursts of aggression. And he admits to using alcohol in various quantities and taking cocaine, which affects his judgement.

“He doesn’t challenge any part of the facts and has great regret and remorse. He has demonstrated he wants to apologise for what he has done to her family and his own family and also to anyone else who has been affected by his behaviour.”

Speaking after the hearing, Amy told the Manchester Evening News: “I am determined what he did is not going to destroy me or ruin my life, and I want other women to know what he like so they can be protected. The sentence he received was longer than I feared, so I thank the judge for what he did.”