Stunning meteor lighting up the sky over UK dock is caught on camera

A stunning meteor which lit up the sky over a UK dock, has been caught on camera.

The video footage, posted on the Solent Ships YouTube page was taken at about 10.45pm on Sunday evening.

A bright object can be seen streaking across the sky over the Red Funnel ferry terminal in Southampton.

Video footage of the meteor was also captured by Hampshire Road policing while they were on an evening patrol.

Officers were were reported to be in the “right place at the right time” to capture the stunning dashcam footage of a meteor streaking across the sky late on Sunday evening.

Hampshire Police were out on a late-night patrol couldn’t believe their eyes when the meteor flashed across the sky.

Police simply checked if they their dashcam footage to discover if they had a close encounter with the meteor.

Writing on their YouTube page, where the amazing footage was captured by CCTV cameras, Solent Ships said it is believed to have landed in France

A spokesman wrote: “Spotted this on Sunday evening at 22:47.

“Keen eyed admin Matt King made the spot. Believed to have landed in Morgat, Brittany.”

Last month the Mirror told of a Draconid meteor shower which could be seen in various places in the UK.

Exmoor and Kielder in Northumberland experts said were great places to spot them as well as several places in Scotland.